Stream Taylor Swift’s new album, ‘Evermore’: NPR

Stream Taylor Swift's new album, 'Evermore': NPR

Taylor Swift

Courtesy of Beth Currant / Artist

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Courtesy of Beth Currant / Artist

Taylor Swift

Courtesy of Beth Currant / Artist

Where is still Folklore Came from. Following the surprise release of her eighth studio album in July, Taylor Swift again announced a new record in a short announcement – in this case, As always, Ahead of its December 11 midnight release.

On social media, Swift refers to this album FolkloreSister registration. “Clearly, we couldn’t stop writing songs,” he said Wrote. Although fans have noted each star’s album cycles for a long time, Swift says it’s not that fast this time around.

“There was something different Folklore, “She said Explained. “While creating it, I felt less like I was leaving and I was coming back.”

Ann As always, Swift The National’s Aaron Tessner, Jack Antonoff, Justin Vernon and “WP.” Folklore: Long Bond Studio Sessions. New collaborators enter the field, the complete feature of The National (“Connie Island”), the backing vocals of Mumford & Sons Marcus Mumford (“Cowboy Like Me”) and sisters HAIM (“No Body, No Crime”).

Production choices Folklore – Skating programming and complex hardware commonly found in Desner’s work – Continue As always. The recordings are clearly in song dialogue: Swift sings on the album opener “Willow” on complex sound guitar, “Show me the places others have given you Scars. ”A son Folklore, As always Evokes dramatic scenes with specific details: a tent tennis court; Lunch for girls.

There is a sequel to the stories told – for example, the mud-covered truck tires of “This The Tom Season” – which goes back to Swift’s early systems. In “Marjorie”, he draws his own family story and pays homage to his maternal grandmother, Marjorie Finley, who was a singer. In “No Body, No Crime”, HAIM takes action to help undoubtedly embark on an adventure, taking revenge on a prostitute for a boat license and a little elbow grease (perhaps out of respect for the chick’s “goodbye earl”?).

The FolkloreAs always The era is marked by the spirit of artistic freedom. With the unlimited number of pop conferences, and new business flexibility – success Folklore Swift is able to explore both the concise twists of the phrase (“gold rush”) and the emerging stories (“champagne issues”) – as evidence of surprise-release authenticity. On both albums, he is allowed to play with sound and structure in a way that feels like the unnaturalness of contemporary radio pop.

Whatever is next – whether it is continuous study FolkloreAs always Aesthetics, or something else – a reminder: next time Taylor Swift says, “Not a lot is happening at the moment, “Her sleeve will always be longer.

As always Tracklist:

  1. Willow
  2. Champagne Issues
  3. Gold Rush
  4. This is a very bad season
  5. Put up with it
  6. No body, no guilt (record. HAIM)
  7. Happiness
  8. Dorothy
  9. Connie Island (record. National)
  10. Ivy
  11. Cowboy like me
  12. Long story short story
  13. Marjorie
  14. Closure
  15. Forever (Achievement. Pan Five)
  16. Where You Left Me (Bonus Track)
  17. It’s time to go (bonus track)

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