Chris Evans gives voice to Buzz Lightyear in new Picture preface ‘Lightyear’

Chris Evans gives voice to Buzz Lightyear in new Picture preface 'Lightyear'

Disney Chris Evans has confirmed that he will be the voice of “Original Bus Lightyear” in the new Pixar movie. Light year, Which is due in June 2022.

Origin watching movies Captain America The star first inspired the toy for the vocal hero Toy story The Universe – Tim Allen goes a few ways in explaining why he never once again became a buzz.

“Emerging in theaters on June 17, 2022, Lightyear is the definitive story of the original Bus Lightyear,” Disney wrote on Twitter.

“Voiced by Chris Evans, Get Ready to Go” Infinity and Beyond “with Lightyear.

They also shared a photo of “Young Test Pilot Becomes Space Ranger, We All Know He Exists Today”.

Confirming his involvement, Evans wrote on Twitter: “I have no words.”

He clarified the confusion surrounding the project: “This is the original story of the toy – based human Buzz Lightyear.”

This is the first offering after 2019 from the Toy Story universe Toy Story4 – It received a five star rating N.M.E..

“Again, it’s a successful combination of humor and heart Toy Story4 Such a successful proposal, ”our verdict said.

“This critic is, at the very least, very satisfied with the results of the greatest right of all time.”

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