Australia Live News: Australian vaccine tests dropped due to HIV false positives | Australia News

I would like to emphasize that there are no adverse health reactions and the vaccine is not susceptible to HIV infection. I would like to highlight through the study that none of the 216 test participants reported any serious adverse events or safety concerns.

Now, over the past few weeks, we have been working closely with HIV and pathologists for possible management solutions. In consultation with the Australian Government, CSL and the University of Queensland have decided that in the absence of a safety issue now, there are a number of challenges in releasing the vaccine, and that these challenges may have an impact on public confidence in vaccination programs. More widely. At this point, without further data, significant changes in well-established HIV testing practices will have to be made, and the health system will have to adapt to the release of this vaccine. Therefore, the CSL project will not continue with further development and phases two and three will not progress.

The first phase of testing will continue with planning and monitoring of participants, and the University of Queensland plans to submit full data for the full review publication over time.

Now, from the very beginning of this program, we have pointed out the risk of failure associated with early vaccine development. This result underscores the rigorous assessment involved in vaccine development and the myriad considerations that need to be taken into account in preparing a vaccine that is safe and effective, logically feasible and generally accepted. Although there are still many challenges along the way to developing a vaccine against Covid 19, we remain committed to our mission of protecting the Australian population against this epidemic.

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To this end, the Oxford Astrogeneca vaccine is expected to be available for use in Australia early next year with a first dose of approximately 30 million doses of the candidate preparation. In addition, CSL is now required to produce an additional 21 million doses at the request of the Australian Government, which ensures that the vaccine is adequate and approved by regulators to cover the entire Australian population. On behalf of everyone at CSL, I would like to acknowledge that we are very proud to have been able to make this additional commitment.

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