United Arab Emirates says China’s synoform vaccine has 86% efficacy against Govit-19

The results of the vaccine are based on an interim analysis of clinical trials launched by the United Arab Emirates in July, the health ministry said.

Although some details have been provided, the report refers to publicly published information on the effectiveness of the Chinese vaccine, which was developed by the Chinese National Biotech Group (CNPG), a division of Sinoform. United Arab Emirates Approved emergency use For leading workers in September.

“The analysis showed no serious safety concerns,” the report said, adding that it was not clear whether individual participants experienced any specific side effects, or how many volunteers were given the vaccine or placebo.

The report added that the “official record” of the Covid 19 vaccine was “an important step in combating the global epidemic.” The report did not elaborate on what the official record would be.

The report said that clinical trials involve 31,000 volunteers from 125 countries in the United Arab Emirates. So far, nearly 100,000 people across the Emirates have been vaccinated as part of a voluntary program, according to CNN, the UAE’s top health official.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates Picture Getting Jab during Trials in November.

CNN has approached Sinopharma for more details.

This April 11, 2020, photo released by Xinhua News Agency shows staff inspecting and cleaning equipment at the Sinoform vaccine manufacturing plant in Beijing.
China There are currently five corona virus candidates Phase 3 is the last and most important step of testing before regulatory approval is obtained from the four companies that have reached clinical trials.
As the corona virus largely eliminated the spread within its borders, Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturers had to travel abroad. Test the effectiveness of their vaccines. Together, they have developed Phase 3 trials in at least 16 countries.

In return, many host countries are promising access to successful vaccines quickly – in some cases, knowing how to make the technology locally.

The UAE company is affiliated with Sinoform Said before It hopes to produce 75 to 100 million units next year.

In November, Sinoform chairman Liu Jingzhen said dozens of countries had applied to buy the company’s vaccines. He did not name the countries or describe the size of their proposed quantities, but said that CNPG has the potential to produce more than one billion volumes by 2021.

“China has not only the political will (for its vaccine diplomacy) but also its strong ability to do so,” Huang said.

Compared to Pfizer and Moderna, most Chinese vaccines do not require freezing temperatures for storage, making transportation and distribution much easier, especially the lack of cold storage capacity in developing countries.

Pfizer is vaccinated Approved for use in the United Kingdom, Began vaccinating people this week, while Modernna Jab is in the final stages of testing in several countries.

Both Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines use genetic material called messenger RNA, which stimulates the body to make synthetic fragments of the corona virus and stimulate the immune system – a new technology not used in existing vaccines.

But MRNA is susceptible to decay at room temperature. The Moderna vaccine should be stored at -20 செல் C (-4 பார F) or refrigerated for up to 30 days, while the Pfizer vaccine should be stored at -75˚C (-103). F), and is used within five days of refrigeration at high temperatures.

Meanwhile, Synoform uses a long-term approach that has proven effective in other vaccines such as polio and influenza scenarios. Their corona virus vaccines inactivate the whole virus to build up immunity in the body, and should only be stored at a constant refrigerator temperature of 2˚C to 8˚C (36˚F to 46˚F). Other Chinese vaccines in production can be kept at similar temperatures.

Reported by CNN’s Beijing Bureau and Nectar Gun in Hong Kong.

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