Kay Burley on safari as speculation about his Sky News job escalates after Govt breach

Kay Burley on safari as speculation about his Sky News job escalates after Govt breach

Burley has said he will not face Sky News in the coming weeks due to a pre-planned holiday in Africa after admitting to violating the Covit-19 safety rules.

The TV host, 59, faces an internal investigation for what he described as a “judgment error”.

He did not air on Tuesday, instead the show was hosted by Sarah Hewson.

Following speculation that he would return to work before 2021, Burley shared a message on Twitter saying he always planned to make time to visit “my dear Africa”.

Sharing a video from a safari trip, he wrote: “Wonderful people, be safe in the knowledge that I have always been sitting with the Lions on Friday to my beloved Africa for everything you read. They are killed for food and not for sport. “

Burley said he had previously celebrated his 60th birthday on Saturday at a “cow-friendly” restaurant and then “moved elsewhere” to use the bathroom.

The meeting is said to have been under Tier 2 restrictions in London.

“I am ashamed to say later in the evening that I inadvertently broke the rules.

“I was waiting for a taxi at 11pm to come home. Aspiring to Lou I came to another restaurant briefly to spend a penny. I can only apologize.”

Burley, who hosts a daily breakfast show on Sky News, has been roasting about locking up politicians throughout the epidemic.

In May, he questioned Cabinet Minister Michael Cowie over the controversy surrounding Dominic Cummings’ visit to Fort Bernard.

A Sky News spokesperson said: “We place great importance on complying with government guidelines on Govt and expect all our people to comply.

“We were disappointed to learn that a small number of Sky News employees may have been involved in the process of violating the guidelines.

“Even though it happened at a social event in private time, we expect all our people to follow rules that apply to everyone.

“An internal process is underway to review the behavior of the persons involved.”

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