Genefra out matching Crispa’s 13 BPA titles

Genefra out matching Crispa’s 13 BPA titles

Written by Jonas Terrado

'Boss' - Crispa team scared with Danny Floro.

‘Boss’ – Crispa team scared with Danny Floro.

Barangay Ginebra San Miguel and Crispa are similar in being one of the most famous owners in Philippine basketball history.

The win over TNT Tropong Kiga ahead of Game 5 of the BPA Philippines Cup Final will not only be their 13th championship for the Kings, but also the fourth time the imaginary Red Manizers have joined.

Crispa’s championship has been surpassed three times since Danny Floro decided to end his participation in Asia’s first paid sports league before the 1985 season.

The Red Managers had the status of the BPA’s most successful milk club until San Miguel Beerman won his 14th title at the 2000 Commissioner’s Cup. Beerman currently holds 27 titles, more than doubling the achievements of the Crisponatics-rooted team.

Magnolia is known as the owner of purefoods throughout its history, and Alaska ranks second with 14 titles each.

DIM cone

DIM cone

Alaska joined Crispa after winning the 2010 Fiesta Conference before reaching its 14th title in the 2013 Commissioner’s Cup. Magnolia, on the other hand, equaled Crispa after finishing fifth in the BPA Grand Slam in 2014, before building the Aces in the 2018 Governors Cup.

Coincidentally, Tim Cohn was in charge when both teams built Crispa’s identity. He could do it again last night for Ginebra, who has been enjoying numerous successes since the arrival of the American wizard.

Ginebra began BPA participation as Gilbay’s gin in 1979, but experienced birth pains for the first five seasons, including title defeats at the 1982 Open Conference for Toyota and the 1983 All-Philippine Conference for Crispa.

La Dontena ownership became a popular team in 1984 after Robert Javorski joined the team following Toyota’s shocking dissolution.

Although Jawarski made it the most popular team in the BPA, the championships were feared for Ginebra, who ruled the 1986 Open, the 1988 All-Philippines (Anejo rum 65), the 1991 conference and the 1997 Commissioner’s Cup (Gordon’s Gin).

Barangay Ginebra ran successfully in the 2000s, this time with Marc Kaguyova, Jayjay Helderbrand, Eric Menk and later Rudy Hotfield and Ronald Dupit at the 2004 Fiesta Conference, 2004-05 and 2006-07 Philippine Cup and the 2008 Fiesta Conference.

The arrival of Cohn in 2015, the 2016 and 2017 Governors Cup, the 2018 Commissioner’s Cup and the 2019 Governors Cup focused on the Kings’ success, this time importing Justin Brownlee, L.A. Starring Tenorio, Scotty Thompson and Jabeth Aguilar in the lead roles.


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