The day before he was shot, James Taylor met John Lennon’s assassin

The day before he was shot, James Taylor met John Lennon's assassin

“He’s someone who does not know me, I do not know; he has an agenda that I know I can not cope with. I know I need to get away from him.”

The ‘Fire and Rain’ singer said the meeting took place about 25 minutes from where Chapman Lennon was shot.

Chapman, now 65, was denied parole for the eleventh time in August.

He is currently serving a life sentence of 20 years at the Wende Correctional Facility in Erie County, New York, and pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

Chapman will now serve at least two more years in prison, with his next trial scheduled for August 2022. In 2000 he first qualified for parole.

John Lennon Credit: New York Times Co. / Larry C. Morris / Getty Images

McCartney, a member of Lennon’s band, discussed the murder of his bandmate in a recent interview The New York Times Call it a “stupid act.”

“I think it’s hard,” he said.

“I’m running the scene back in my head. Very emotional. So I can not really think about it. It’s kind of stimulating.

“What can you think of this other than anger and sadness?” He continued. “As with any tragedy, the only way is to remember how good it was with John. Because I can’t get the senseless act. I can’t think about it.

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