I hugged a single track and it felt mysterious

I hugged a single track and it felt mysterious

Did you hug a single track today?

Amanda Kouser / CNET

My 2020 bucket list was too short: 1) Do not get COVID-19. 2) Survival. But when Mysterious metal monolithic phenomenon The world began to shake, and I added one more: 3) Look for a one-way street. Cheque.

A The monolith appeared in the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Our mayor even noticed. “We want to believe,” Tim Keller tweeted (A notable heavy metal fan) on Monday.

I had to go see it myself. Touch it. Look for signs of extraterrestrial origin.

I found a shiny silver triangular single track about 10 feet high near the local publishing offices. Albuquerque Magazine, A short distance from the road in front of Interstate 25. A magical, dazzling place, unlike the mysterious red rocks that surround it The original single track in Utah, Which was found in November, and then soon disappeared.

“I feel like people are starting to get a little lazy in their single work,” said my CNET colleague and fellow New Mexican Eric Mack.

Albuquerque stands proudly near the monolithic Interstate 25.

Amanda Kouser / CNET

This single track is one in a series that has appeared around the world from California to Romania. They sparked speculation that it might be part of an art project, an advertising campaign or the work of an alien.

New Mexico has something obviously about an angled metal against the sky.

Amanda Kouser / CNET

I can say for sure that what is in Albuquerque is a human creation. It appears to be magnetic, stainless steel and plays with the sticker for Bumblebee Fab, a local metal fabricator. You can see the welded joints of the triangle. This single track is a copy created with a sense of joy and surprise.

Armed with a hand cleaner, I approached the single track and photographed the work of half a dozen people who were there to document it or take a selfie next to the structure. I never hit a magnet. Inspected the welds. I realized how hot the side of the sun was and how cold the shaded sides were.

Embracing the metal column, I couldn’t get my hands around it. I have touched very few humans since the epidemic began, and here I was carrying a steel pillar.

The structure felt solid. Unrestricted. Basically, it’s like a silver crystal growing from the rocks below. There, I could hear nothing but my own heart beating as my ear rested against the hot side of the singular.

The single paths may actually be here to take our emergencies to an inner zone that reminds us of our presence on earth, the way the sun touches our skin, and how we hold our weight on the ground.

We are all single-trackers, yet we are connected. Without our foundations, we are nothing.

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