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The international community must unite to oppose China’s expansion and prevent invasion Taiwan Taiwan’s foreign minister has said that by sharing intelligence, reconsidering Chinese trade relations and increasing Taipei’s presence on the world stage.

In an interview with the Guardian, Joseph Wu, China’s operations in the South China and East China Seas, its Border conflicts with India, And its Oppression in Hong Kong Evidence that it sought to “expand its dictatorial order.” Taiwan was its next target.

Wu warned allies, including the United States and Europe, If Japan and Australia and Taiwan “fall prey to China” it will greatly expand Beijing’s access to the Pacific region and significantly affect world order.

As Foreign Minister, Wu has been at the forefront of Taiwan’s campaign International “like-minded” alliances. In the decorated meeting room of Taipei’s Foreign Ministry, he spoke with confidence about what other countries might offer, but was careful not to go into requests for direct military assistance, which could trigger the dangerous stability of the Taiwan Strait. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Beijing, and said that the imposition of “dictatorial, dictatorial rule” threatened to turn even its own people against it.

Although the Chinese Communist Party has never ruled Taiwan, Beijing considers it a separate province That Must be brought back to the homeland, Mandatory if necessary. It has dramatically developed its military capabilities, increased airstrikes and military exercises, and sharpened its rhetoric against Taipei and the United States in support of Taiwan. In October, Chinese President Xi Jinping called on troops to prepare for war.

Taiwan’s Chinese control will significantly increase Beijing’s regional control and access to the Pacific.

Taiwan relies heavily on the United States for this F-16 fighter jet-like defense.

Taiwan relies heavily on the United States for this F-16 fighter jet-like defense. Photo: Wali Chandana / A.P.

“If one of the most important moments of the First Island Chain were not in the hands of like-minded countries, we could only imagine what this would create in the global strategic picture,” Wu said, referring to McCarthy-era fears that China’s navy would reach the west coast of the United States. “We definitely need to think about how we can prevent this from happening.”

Wu said there were European countries Renewed interest in the Indo-Pacific region, And Australia faced the “most complex Pacific” region. They and other allies, such as Japan, are not obliged to support Taiwan, but if Taiwan falls to China, “it may be significant. [global] Impact ”.

“Like-minded nations must unite and we will be strong together,” he said.

He said Taiwan “appreciates” the sharing of intelligence and the non-military support of other allies, including Australia and Japan. Taiwan has been active domestically against misinformation and incursions, but has also sought international partners for hybrid war and security cooperation.

Wu also said that Taiwan wants to show the international community China It was “absolutely committed to defending ourselves”, and has the responsibility, the will and the ability to do so.

Infiltrations are on the rise

Taiwan is much more than China. It has done a great deal to enhance its defense capabilities and improve the position of its infantry, but relies on Billions of dollars in arms sales From the United States.

Under a decades-long agreement, the United States is obliged to provide Taiwan with the necessary defenses, but it also maintains a preventive policy that refuses to say whether it will come to Taiwan’s defense in the event of an attack. Sales increased under the Trump administration and demands were quickly monitored, and he hopes something Wu said will continue.

“Considering that China wants to attack a pair … or in a very big way on the road for many years, we have to buy more stuff from the US,” he said.

Locator map

Analysts point to China’s military structure and growing militancy under Xi Jinping’s leadership. Hostile tendencies with the United States – A major party in short-term relationships – Saying that a conflict is more likely.

“We cannot assume that China will attack Taiwan or not, at any time,” Wu said. “But looking at Chinese production over the past two years, they have certainly intensified military operations against Taiwan and intensified their training around Taiwan,” he said.

In recent months, China has increased its incursions into Taiwan’s air identification zone (AIDS), with daily military jets and reconnaissance aircraft, according to Taiwan’s security monitors. Taiwan every time Clears its own jets in response, Causing naval wear and tear, and informing China’s People’s Liberation Army about its tactics. The PLA also crossed the average line again and again Until this year Indicates the condition for maintaining peace and stability in the strait, Wu said.

Taiwan’s multifaceted defense strategies are preparing for critical infrastructure, misinformation campaigns, infiltration, large-scale military strikes, annexation of Crimean-style outlying islands, “gray zone” precursors to war or various Chinese moves. In all of them.

What Taiwan really needs, Wu said, was more support for reunification in international organizations. Some countries formally recognize Taiwan as a sovereign state, and despite China’s growing isolation on the world stage, it still uses enough power and influence to exclude Taiwan from international organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO). Despite growing calls for its inclusion, Taiwan has not received enough support to join the World Health Organization’s legislature.

“We want the international community to understand that the exclusion of 23.5 million people in Taiwan is certainly not fair to the Taiwanese people, and that it is not fair for the rest of the international community to exclude the Taiwanese people from participating in the World Health Organization,” he said. Its successful epidemic response.

Wu pointed out other measures that other governments could take, including opposing Beijing’s progress and supporting Taiwan, and reconsidering trade.

“Those who are affected by the Chinese expansion will come back [ask] Is it good for me to do business with this country? Japan, United States, India and now Australia, [as well as] Many countries, including the European Union, are now saying hey, and now is the time for us to reconsider our strategy for dealing with China. ”

However, he acknowledged that this was largely at a cost, citing China’s willingness to control or allow imports as a controversial tactic, most recently shown with the ban on Australian coal and its alcohol tariffs. But he said this is when international alliances are most needed. “Fighting alone is not the way to deal with it.”

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