‘Sign the deal, Guinea’ – Vijnaltham shows why Globe is so eager to keep him at Liverpool

'Sign the deal, Guinea' - Vijnaltham shows why Globe is so eager to keep him at Liverpool

The Netherlands international is free to negotiate with other clubs within four weeks, but the Reds played again as they relaxed past wolves

Three points, Mohamed Salah scoring and Liverpool represent a one-time business.

The new nature in Anfield is the same as the old one.

As fans returned to the file for the first time in nine months, J ஜூrgen Klopp’s side made sure they had something to sing about.

Their 4-0 win over the Wolves sends the Reds level with points against Tottenham in the Premier League table, extending the club’s unbeaten home league record to a significant 65.

They are the team to win.

Salah, inevitably, set them on their way; Connor Cody, the Wolves’ captain and former Liverpool coach, caught a bug 24 minutes later to finish in excellent style.

This is already 11 goals for the Egyptian star this season – the level of his consistency is truly astounding.

He will collect an assist just before nightfall, with his vicious delivery by Joel Matteb heading for Liverpool’s third goal wrapped up a superb night job for the champions with Nelson Semdo’s own goal of the wolves.

Liverpool 2020-21

It was a sign of the Reds’ other scorer, however, that it was the loudest excitement of the night. Mr Never good.

This may be Guinea Vignoldom’s last campaign with Liverpool, but if so, he is determined to move up to the top spot at Merseyside.

With teammates falling due to injury, fatigue and illness, the Netherlands International stands tall, the rock on which the Reds’ plans were built.

Balanced, indestructible, never lacking in energy, never wanting what the team needs. Some player, some character.

As the Globe said on Friday, “incredible.”

Also, as he shows here, even a footballer for moments of personal brilliance.

One thing for his goal beauty is a fully guided missile in the upper left corner of Rui Patricio’s net, after Jordan Henderson, his unstoppable midfield partner-offender, frees him at the counter.

This is Vijnaltoom’s first club goal this season – although he has three men for the Netherlands, he is given more licenses to tour – and more evidence of the known fact around Anfield.

Liverpool will have to do everything to ensure they stay at the club beyond this season.

Globe insists all parties should be relaxed, however, the player, in theory, can negotiate with other clubs within four weeks. And Vijnaltham, even in his 30s, has no shortage of shooters.

So some midfielders do what he does, very few perform multiple roles, and do so to such a high standard. He is the ultimate chameleon, and absolutely indispensable to everything the globe has done on Mercedes.

Guinea Wisdom Liverpool 2020-21

No player has played much this season. Only Roberto Firmino has made more appearances for Liverpool under Klopp. Brazil, don’t forget, also had a seven-month headquarters.

Liverpool did not underestimate the other heroes here. Guyom Kelleher was flawless in his Premier League debut, while Neko Williams had his first game right against Point Pedro NATO and then Adama Drew, while fellow youngster Curtis Jones is now a key part of the title-challenging side.

A miracle, 19-year-old Schusser, learned from Henderson and Wignold, kings of seriousness, consistency and selflessness. Jones’ growth is rapid and his energy is limitless.

Vijnaltham, however, is important whether he scores a goal or not. It was here that the fans informed him.

“Sign that contract, Guinea!” A separate voice came from the file.

Globe will love him. He was an Anfield star.

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