Rivers, defense assistant Golds beat Houston Texans 26-20

Rivers, defense assistant Golds beat Houston Texans 26-20

HOUSTON (AP) – Philip Rivers threw two touchdown passes in the first half and Indianapolis defense dominated the second half as they beat the Houston Texans 26-20 in the Golds on Sunday.

Texas had a chance to take the lead for about 90 seconds. They were in the Golds 2, with Deshane Watson stumbling at low speed and Anthony Walker pushing it to seal India’s victory.

The Golds (8-4) took a 24-20 lead after throwing 21 and 39 yards DT passes in reverse. Their offense did not score after that, but the defense beat Houston (4-8) in the second half and Justin Houston added a defense.

This season was India’s third and Houston’s fourth defensive career, which connected him the most in NFL history. Houston had three sacks and three QB wins, and stumbled.

Watson threw 341 yards and ran for a score in the first half. But for the first time this season he has not had a touchdown pass and has been sidelined for the last six games without being selected.

He appeared stunned after the stumble and sat alone on a Houston bench for several minutes after the game.

With seven minutes left the Colts had a chance to add to the lead, but Jonathan Taylor Houston made no gains from 5th to 4th and 1st.

Indianapolis added three of its plays 26-20 when Houston removed Watson from the final zone.

The Colts had two penalties in the next inning and tried to give the Texans one last chance.

TY Hilton received a season-high of 110 yards and had a touchdown. Taylor ran 91 yards because he missed a game due to a COVID-19 contact track. Rivers blew for 285 yards.

KK Cooty had 141 yards and Chad Hansen had 101 since star receiver Will Fuller received a six-game suspension for violating NFL policy on performance developers.

Texans were driving late when Kenny Moore tore the ball when Cook’s hands fell to the ground in the third quarter. The play was reviewed and intermittently confirmed, Oct.

India’s mistake could not be taken advantage of.

The Golds took a 7-0 lead after a 21-yard DT catch in the Hilton first run. Houston tied it when Watson chased down 11 yards for a score in the first quarter. That score was set when Watson pulled away from a defender’s grip and completed a 64-yard pass to the Gat.

Casimi Fairburn’s 52-yard field goal gave Houston a 10-0 lead in the first quarter. Nieheim Hines lifted the Golds 14-10 in the 5-yard run, just under a minute from the first minute.

Fairburn missed a 53-yard field goal attempt before Taylor took a 39-yard catch and a 21-10 lead over Indianapolis on the run. Houston got 21-17 in the 6-yard run, directed by David Johnson, and both teams added field goals and left Indianapolis 24-20 at half-time.


Golds: RD Levan Clarke was ruled out of the first quarter with an ankle injury.

Texans: D.E. Brown Brown suffered a concussion in the first quarter.

UP Next

Golds: Visit the Riders next Sunday.

Texans: Visit the Bears next Sunday.


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