UFC Vegas 16 Video: Gabriel Benitez crushes Justin Jane with a devastating knee

UFC Vegas 16 Video: Gabriel Benitez crushes Justin Jane with a devastating knee

Gabriel Benitez gave a surprise point about his performance at UFC Vegas 16, knocking Justin Janez out of the opening round with a devastating knee strike.

A couple of his most recent appearances bring losses. Earlier this year, Benitez came to his fight with something to prove, with his boxing coach Francisco Carvajal passing away. Ultimate Fighter: The Latin American player certainly finished the fight with a body shot, ending the fight in the opening round at 4:06.

“I feel better today,” Benitez said during an emotional post-war interview. “I know this is my night. I feel sad, this is my first fight [since] My boxing coach has passed away. I miss him. If he was here with me, this guy would not have touched me.

“I am just happy to be here. Let’s see if I win the bonus. ”

The fighters were ready as soon as Benitez started the action by facing some powerful kicks and Janes a ton of pressure and fast boxing combinations.

As Janes moved forward and threw several punches in succession, Benitez effectively acted with a variety of kicks to the legs and body, and a timely top spot that found a home on the opponent’s cheek.

Over time, it became clear that Benitez was a very different striker, leading to the finish when he was thrown to his knees. At the moment the knee landed, Jane crashed to the ground following punches with Benitez until the referee stopped the fight.

Benitez, who has been plagued by injuries and time breaks throughout his run at the UFC, has made his best appearance with this recent win as he has moved 6-4 overall within the county.

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