Jamal Musiyala stars R.P. as Bayern Munich draw Leipzig 3-3

Jamal Musiyala stars R.P. as Bayern Munich draw  Leipzig 3-3

On Saturday, Bayern Munich R.P. Hosted by Leipzig, it was put on display as one of the best displays the Bundesliga could offer. The 3-3 draw saw Treble-winners Bayern and their nearest challenger R.P. Leipzig showed the Champions League semi-finalists the full potential available in their own rights.


Even the pace at which the game was played came as a surprise to some as to whether the match between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund was slowly undermining this match. After all, unlike PVP, Leipzig offers strong opposition whenever they play in the Alliance arena – tonight’s performance is another example, another draw 1-1 last season.

Leipzig, in fact, hit the crossbar in the first two minutes of the game with Marcel Sabitzer. Finally, in the 19th minute, Leipzig took the lead after Christopher Nungu escaped the defense of the first Bayer, and then goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, who came out of the box, sent the ball into the back of the net.

Six minutes later, Xavi Martinez had to leave with an injury; He was replaced by Jamal Musiyala. However, that replacement will be a side of luck for head coach Hansie Flick. “We didn’t have much control over the ball at the start of the game,” Hansi Flick said when asked about Musiala after the game. “But that changed when Jamal arrived. He’s always available himself and asks for the ball. He’s already very mature to show at 17.”

The 17-year-old Anglo-German super talent will have a fantastic start to the game with the equalizer he scored in the 30th minute. Five minutes later, Bayern took the lead. This time Thomas Mல்லller was the scorer. This will be the first target for the midfielder who attacked that evening. The 31-year-old is pursuing a lawsuit to recall the German national team, where his leadership and willingness to give up the game are much needed.

However, his first goal only gave Bayer a one-minute lead. In the 36th minute, Leipzig made it 2-2; This time, Justin Cluvert was the scorer.

The breakdown speed then continued into the second half, in which Leipzig hit first. Emil Forsberg, who started as center-forward, opened the scoring in the 48th minute, and Neuer did not react when his title passed him into the net.

Leipzig held Bayer in the back, at least for a few moments. But then Julian Knucklesman made several substitutes, disrupting the flow of his side. Bayern, led by fantastic Mucila and leader Mல்லller, increased the pressure and found a balance in the 75th minute.


“Thomas Mல்லller refuses to hit,” the commentator shouted into the microphone. That assessment took place; The 31-year-old, who testified on Saturday, did not want to miss any matches; M முller further underscored his value to this team and the national team.

Bayern pressed for the winner, but could not find a way, and in the draw, a 3-3 draw was a worthy result. “We have to be satisfied,” Flick said. It is important that we do not lose today. This is a wild game. Newer added: “This is a great game for the neutral spectator. In the end, we can live with the point. Before the game, I’m not satisfied with that. After the game, I’m going to take a point.”

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