Omorui scored 22, No. 21 Oregon defeated Seton Hall 83-70

Omorui scored 22, No. 21 Oregon defeated Seton Hall 83-70

“He’s going to have a great year. Wow, two good games this week.”

Oregon lost to Missouri 83-75 in its opening game, with one game each being the highest scorer in an enterprise with 11 reps in its first game since being replaced.

The Ducks (1-1) did not back down against Seyton Hall until the last eight minutes, when they took a 14-4 lead to 16 points. Eric Williams Jr. scored 10 of his 15 points in the second half and Chris Dwight scored 14 points.

Chetten Hall (1-3) has had its worst start since 1982-83 when the team opened with five straight defeats. Shower Reynolds Jr. scored 17 points for the Pirates, while Tyrus Samuel and Miles Cale scored 11 points each.

Pirates star Sandro Mamukhelashvili has been shut down by ducks. It took him 15 minutes to make his first basket, which is 3 in a bank. With about five minutes left in the game the 6-foot-11 senior did not score again.

Mamukolashvili came into the game with an average of 21.7 points, a big eastern lead. He tried only seven shots and finished with 10 points.

“Our goal was to keep the ball out of his hands as much as possible,” Altman said. “I have no doubt he will provoke a drink for them.”

Seyton Hall coach Kevin Willard said the ducks seem to be doing everything they can to control Mamukolashvili.

“I didn’t do a good job of moving him enough to get him in different situations,” Willard said. “It’s more to me than it is to Sandro.”

Oregon L.J. Received an incentive from Figueroa and transferred from St. John’s, he received his NCAA discount on Friday. He scored six points, scored nine rebounds and played with tough defense against Mamukolashvili.

“Well, LJ Fikiurova is a player’s heck,” Altman said. “He gave us so much energy tonight. He’s the difference in the game. I do not know if he was not with us, we would have won.”

Oregon: The game ranked second among ducks in three days in Omaha due to planning issues related to the COVID-19 epidemic. CHI was able to use his contacts in Crayon to set up games at the health center. Before moving to Oregon in 2010, Altman trained for 16 years in Greydon.

Seton Hall: The Pirates have embarked on a four-game road trip that will play in four states over seven days. They should initially involve Mamukolashvili more in the crime. He lost 76-63 on Wednesday at Rhode Island.

The ducks should fly to Eugene of Oregon as soon as the game is over. While the team was in Omaha Altman hoped he would pick another game or two.

Altman said it was not a pleasant journey personally. He would have loved to see friends on a 90-minute drive from Omaha and see his father in Wilbur, his hometown of Nebraska.

“Going down the road is not fun this year,” Altman said. “I didn’t even leave my hotel room, I ate the food we had from plastic containers, no vegetables or salad. They bring you pasta. Has not eaten well in the last four days. I had a nice room and everything, but staying in it for four days was not fun. ”

Oregon arrives in Washington on December 12.

Seyton Hall arrives in Penn State on Sunday.

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