Fortnight fans are forcing Kratos to dance on Season 5

Fortnight fans are forcing Kratos to dance on Season 5

Even after the reboot, God of War remains a tone blunt, intense, and incubating – the opposite of the gradient, in other words, FortnightThe happy-go-lucky vibe. There is no doubt that Kratos’ appearance in the Battle Royale game was fun, but now that fans have the opportunity to present the dual axes of the Divine Assassin, it is clear that everyone is underestimating how much fun this shortcut can actually be.

Like this video uploaded, there is nothing to prepare you to see Gratos foot in the air as the happy electronic tune Mia in the background. Twitter user Musubi_Azeema. God of War owner creator David Jaff is hilarious enough Was mocked on social media That he was delighted FortnightThe version of Kratos came from the 2018 resume, not the first iteration of Greek writing.

But we should not be surprised that Sony is ready to perform this cameo. Beyond creating more hype to come God of War The PlayStation 5 is scheduled to follow in 2021, with the appearance of the Kratos Fortnight Fun video game scenario follows the long history of the tendon rage machine. Remember the time when Kratos played golf?

Still, I can not exaggerate how much fun Kratos is watching the variety show Fortnight Emotions. In Fortnight, Krodos is less than a tough dad and a pop star because you can see in the videos below. Some players claim that Kratos bought the skin, especially to float and renicate him. Others, meanwhile, can’t joke about how to stun this crossover.

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We are now waiting for the inevitable dance battle between Gratos and Master First, who is also said to be coming to the Epic Titanic shooter. We now have the power of K-Pop at our disposal Fortnight, The conflict of these worlds is better than the time when everyone forced Thanos to do orange justice.

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