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NORTH YORKSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM. An aerial view of the Grand Hotel Scarborough, this Baroque style Grade II building is located in the centre of Scarborough, on the North Sea coastine, in this photograph taken by David Goddard.

Britannia has been ranked as the UK’s worst hotel chain for the eighth year in a row after guests described their seats as “disgusting”.

Which is the only company to receive a fifth star for cleanliness following a survey of over 4,000 people by a consumer group?

Despite being one of the cheapest chains in the UK, rooms cost an average of $ 58 a night, with guests paying only one star to Britannia for cash value.

One client described a Britannia location as “the filthy Howell”, while another said it was “the hotel room I had stayed in so far”.

When? As part of a separate investigation into hotel hygiene, Foxstone, also known as Grand Priestine, visited Britannia and found false hair and stained pieces.

Further tests indicated that the surfaces between the shelters had not been thoroughly cleaned.

Britannia, which includes Liverpool’s Adelbe Hotel and Scarborough’s Grand Hotel, ranks last with 37% overall customer rating.

The chain said in a statement: “We are absolutely committed to providing a safe environment for visitors. We have so far spent about m 2 million on COVID-19 precautions, but we accept many more.”

Mercury had the second lowest score of 60% and Days in Hotel 62%.

Sofitel was at the other end of the table in terms of performance and price.

The luxury chain with three London properties, Heathrow, Gatwick and St. James, scored 86%.

But this was slightly ahead of the Premier Hotel (82%), with guests praising the reliable quality offered at a reasonable price.

Rory Poland, editor of which magazine? Travel, he said: “It seems that even a global epidemic cannot force Britain to clean up its act.

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“At best, it’s dull and dated, at worst it’s very disgraceful – eight years after our survey, our message is loud and clear: Avoid these hotels.”

Which are the top five biggest hotel chains? (Customer score in parentheses):

1. Sofitel (86%)
2. Premier Hotel (82%)
3. Holiday in Express (77%)
4. Hilton Hampton (76%)
5. Crown Plaza (75%)

What are the top five biggest hotel chains? (Customer score in parentheses):

1. Britannia (37%)
2. Mercury (60%)
3. Days in Hotel (62%)
4. Old English Hotel (65%)
5. IPIS Budget (66%)

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