DIY SOS audience in tears as teenager says ‘no place’ to use his wheelchair

DIY SOS audience in tears as teenager says 'no place' to use his wheelchair

DIY SOS is known for pulling heartbeats, but even by the standards of the show, the latest is a real teardrop.

On tonight’s host Nick Knowles – and an army of local volunteers – attacked a suburb of Weston-Super-Mer Street to help the Sweet family.

Dedicated mom and dad share Kate and Chris Louisa, 16, Max, 13, and Harry, seven – all of whom suffer from life-threatening illnesses that can get worse over time.

Harry has been suffering from Ehlers Danlos syndrome since birth, which causes him a lot of pain and he struggles to sleep.

In 2017, Louisa and Max were diagnosed with Friedrich’s ataxia, a rare and neurodegenerative condition.

Max said there was not enough space to use his wheelchair at home

Speaking to the audience over the voice, Nick said, “Every week children have to rely more and more on their wheelchairs.

“But the house stops them.”

“I didn’t use my wheelchair,” Teenage Max told the camera, “because there’s no place to use it.

“I have no access to this. I like to use it because it’s a space to use my feet.”

He said he likes to use his wheelchair often

The wheelchair gives him ‘space from using my feet’ Max said

Within minutes the fans were in tears, and one tweeted: “Already a tough watch! Very sad.”

“Oh Lord, I’m already torn,” wrote another, “very sad. Too sad for a family. #diysos. ”

The third presented: “Ghosh this poor family #DIYSOS – I’m so sorry for them. ”

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The fourth wrote: “I: There are no tears in being strong tonight #diysos Little boy: ‘I can’t use a wheelchair because I don’t have space.’ ”

Mum Kate said getting kids’ birthdays is a struggle.

An army of volunteers entered

“I’m very strong most of the time, but I always have a wobble on their birthday,” he said.

“I hate it because it’s one step closer to a bad day.”

Both parents shed some tears during the show as they talked about their children’s conditions.

Nick was moved by the Sweet family

But Nick and crew are optimistic, installing a lift and turning it into a wheelchair friendly.

Cat and Chris both started crying again – out of joy this time – when they saw the change in the house.

This house now has a wheelchair friendly bathroom.

There is a lift to get up and down the stairs, and it flies in every bedroom so children can all get off the bed freely.

The kids were so impressed, Max gave his new room “100” for 50.

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