Tones and I ‘Dance Monkey’ will become the most shajamate song of all time

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Tones’ “Dance Monkey” and I became the most popular song in Shajam.

Exotic song – Tones and the first EP I wrote. The second single from “The Kids Are Coming”, the real name is Tony Watson – has been identified 36.6 million times in the music identification app. Guinness said. The song was released in May 2019 and won the previous record of Swedish DJ Avici, “Wake Me Up”.

The song topped the charts in more than 30 countries, and it debuted No. 96 at Billboard Hot 100. When it finally made it into the top five, it was the first Hot 100 song written by only one woman to enter the charts for more than eight years, Billboard said.

The global hit was a hopping, fun song, but it was born out of Watson’s frustration when it was his home buzzer in Australia.

“It’s a song about a moment, I’m frustrated with how people do not have patience. They had phones, they caught a bus that was so hot, people wanted me to go, go, go. It’s very self-explanatory, “he said. He told Billboard last year.

Watson has become a household name as the music video for “Dance Monkey” has more than a billion (yes, a billion) views. His debut album is expected At the end of the year.

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