Jack Paul vs. Nate Robinson fight start time, live stream, how to watch, bbv price, preview

Jack Paul vs. Nate Robinson fight start time, live stream, how to watch, bbv price, preview

The co-op event fight that takes place on Saturday from Staples Center may have the same plot as the big show. YouTube Influencer Jack Paul Nate Robinson, the multi-year NBA slam dunk champion, is set to take part in a popular battle for more than a year. But instead of focusing on the Robinson he faces in Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr.’s undercard, Paul began to call his next opponents UFC’s Ben Askreen and Connor McGregor.

“I want to bring MMA fighters from the UFC into the ring and go upside down with them.” Paul said on the edge In a recent interview. “I want to prove myself, I want to prove how good I am at this sport. In sparring, I always fight pro boxers. WBA champions, WBC champions. I go upside down with them. So, you can get these youtubers and celebrities and all these people smoking first,” Then it’s definitely for professional fighters. “

Of course, there is no need to focus too much on Paul Robinson. Despite entering the milk ring at exhibitions and professional competitions, and beating a couple of fellow social media influencers for TKO successes, Robinson acknowledged that he was not so provocative until this year.

“I first attended a sparring competition. Initially it opened my eyes to how tired you were.” Robinson told Insider. “Aha, is this what Floyd Mayweather, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson pass on?” You have to be in good shape. That was the first thing I knew I had to come up with in boxing form. I can play basketball, soccer, run and football all day, but being in the form of boxing is different. I knew I had to do a lot of work, get started, so I jumped into it. “

In the end, the fight between Paul and Robinson feels like it has lost steam in recent months. Fighting with a former NBA player under an exhibition fight between a 50-year-old ex-combatant for a social media influence feels humble in 2020 due to a lack of fans. And neither of them focused on the ad for the card. On Tyson and Jones.

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This was a big change when Logan Paul clashed with KSI in a social media influence contest last November, which featured a cover title at the Staples Center, which attracted many celebrities and sold 216,000 pay views in the United Kingdom alone.

While Markey’s names for the event on Saturday may not be there, there will still be plenty of eye-popping views pasted on the screen as Paul and Robinson step into the ring at the center of the Staples. Here’s how you can capture all the action of the Saturday night event in Los Angeles.

Jake Paul vs. Nate Robinson looks at the information

Date: Nov.28 | Start time: 9pm ET (Main Card)
Location: Staples Center – Los Angeles
TV: Traditional BPV ($ 49.99) | Long live Stream: Tyson Thriller.com, FITE TV ($ 49.99)

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