Bahrain circuit rescues escaped dog from F1 practice – F1

The Bahrain International Circuit rescued a dog that escaped from the path during a second Formula 1 exercise on Friday night and took it to an animal rescue center.

After a long red flag following the crash of Alexander Alban in the second practice for the Bahrain Grand Prix on Friday, the session resumed just 27 seconds before another red flag was displayed.

Drivers on the trail quickly said they saw a dog, which was soon captured by world-class television cameras, showing it running on the track at Turn 1.

It was revealed that the dog was taken to the Bahrain Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BSPCA) on Saturday morning before the funeral thanks to the help of the Bahrain Animal Rescue Center – Park.

“Important puppy !! Remember our viewer from FP2? She was discovered and is now in the wonderful care of BSPCA” read a tweet from Dragl.

“Checked by a veterinarian. She’s fine. Did anyone have an idea for a name?”

Upon receiving the news that a dog had arrived on the trail, seven-time world champion Louis Hamilton quickly said: “I hope this is not Roscoe!”, Bringing his dog to most of the recent races.

Sebastian Vettel, “Who puts dogs out? Who’s who!” After saying about the dog, “If I had known dogs were allowed, I would have brought mine!”

It marked the second racing weekend in a row that a session was interrupted when a dog was spotted following a similar incident while qualifying for the Turkish Grand Prix.

A cat on Imola last month proved to be one of the most popular podcast members, the song later revealing his name as Formulino and he as the “King of the Shrine”.

Permission for animals to remain on the yard is actually written in the F1’s rules of the game, with Article 22.17 reading: “Animals are prohibited on the track, except those explicitly authorized by the FIA ​​for the use of security services. Pitlane, yard or any spectator area.”

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