Corona virus live message: Community meeting banned in LA County as Victoria Elimination passes the benchmark | World News

Los Angeles County operations are affecting 20 million people in and around the country’s second-largest city, beyond the curfew order imposed by California Governor Gavin Newsom last week – excluding community gatherings and other essential activities from 10pm to 5am.

Taken together, they represent the most severe Covid 19 operations imposed in the Los Angeles area since the first-nationwide lockout of the Los Angeles area, at the onset of the epidemic. They are the most restricted nationwide.

State and local authorities have imposed various restrictions on social and economic activity in the hope that the late summer will dampen the tide of corona virus outbreaks across the country.

Political leaders and health officials have increased public appeals to infected Americans in recent days as they wait for the promised vaccines to keep them at home, skip meetings and cut down on Christmas shopping.

In announcing the latest temporary ban, LA district health officials said the daily number of newly documented infections has exceeded 4,500 cases by five times, exceeding a previously set limit for additional measures to control the epidemic.

Under the new LA County Order, which runs through Dec. 20, residents are advised – but not required – to stay at home as much as possible and always wear a mask when outside their homes and around others.

But any community gatherings of people belonging to more than one household are prohibited, whether public or private, and indoors or outdoors. The latest order allows for certain types of business operations, albeit at reduced levels.

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This reduces the maximum occupancy levels for “essential” retail outlets, including grocery stores, to 35%, while personal care services such as essential retail outlets and nail salons, such as indoor shopping malls, remain open at 20% capacity.

Beaches, trails and parks remain open as long as individuals wear masks to keep distance from others outside their homes. This also applies to golf courses, tennis courts, skate parks and other outdoor recreation areas.

All indoor and outdoor services at bars, restaurants, wineries and breweries are prohibited under a previous district order, which only prohibits the carrying and distribution of them.

Health officials across the country say the onset of the holiday season and the cold weather – leading to more social mixing and people flocking home – triggers a Covid 19 uprising, sending infections, hospitalizations and deaths to record levels.

Across Los Angeles County to date nearly 388,000 Covid 19 cases have been confirmed, including more than 7,600 deaths, of which 10% of diagnostic tests are 10% positive – twice the rate considered by health officials.

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