The daughter of former Ghanaian President Jerry Rawlings warns of social media fraud around her funeral

The daughter of former Ghanaian President Jerry Rawlings warns of social media fraud around her funeral

In a statement posted on Facebook, Sanator Rawlings said the perpetrators must be himself or a representative and urge individuals to make donations for the final arrangements.

“The process of these criminals is to attract the attention of unsuspecting individuals who really want to pay their last respects to the MP, and then they solicit donations for the final arrangements,” Rawlings Parliament, which represents Ghana’s Clotti Corley constituency, said Friday.

His office has asked the public to search and report to the police anyone who engages with them on social media claiming to be him.

An example he posted shows an impersonator sending bank account information to a victim and “please try and ask for a donation”, saying the funds were “for funeral arrangements”.

He warned the perpetrators that “impersonation is a crime” and that “anyone caught will be prosecuted.” According to Ghana’s 1960 Criminal Code, a person who uses false pretenses to defraud another is “guilty of a secondary crime.”

His handle anzanetorofficial on his official Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Funeral arrangements for his father have not yet been finalized.

On Tuesday, Rawlings posted a photo on Facebook showing herself dancing with her late father. “You missed so much, Dad,” read the headline.

Jerry Rawlings, who twice seized control of Ghana in military coups before becoming the country’s democratically elected president, Died earlier this month At age 73.
He went to supervision The transition to multi-party democracy in Ghana, 2001 and won the 1992 and 1996 elections before resigning.

Rawlings was a power broker in Ghanaian politics while serving in various international diplomatic positions, including representing the African Union in Somalia.

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