Stream Bad Bunny’s new album ‘The Last Tour del Mundo’: NPR

Stream Bad Bunny's new album 'The Last Tour del Mundo': NPR

Bad Bunny, its new album, The last tour of the world, Released on Friday.

Kevin Winter / PPMA 2020 / Getty Images DCP

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Kevin Winter / PPMA 2020 / Getty Images DCP

Bad Bunny closes his second album, YHLQMDLG, With another, with a promise to return in nine months (right now) Claim claimed Will be his last. (He published in May Those who do not go out, A collection of unpublished tracks and album cuts – a separate project.) Tuesday, Bad Bunny Tweeted We are something Saw Before: A tracklist who names each song “Temaso”, just like he did “Palos” off YHLQMDLG And his 2018 debut X100 PRE. His third album, The last tour of the world, Dropped just in time for Friday night.

Cover art for the last tour of the world.

YHLQMDLG Benito’s love and respect for the old school Puerto Rican regatton is compounded by the conscious interruption of the sterile recton-light formula that permeates the modern school Latin pop, with thoughtful, deep cut collaborations. The last tour of the world An extension of his Daini-produced Alt experiments on the nu-metal breakdown of “Hublamos Messana” and pop-punk “Denemos Q Hubbler” has been teased as a similar nostalgic dive into the rock.

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Bad Bunny won the Latin Grammy Award for Best Recatton Performance of the Year for “Yo Berrio Sola” and was nominated for 2021 Grammy in Best Latin Pop or Urban Album. YHLQMDLG, And Best Pop Duo / Team Performance for “Ann Dia (One Day)” with Dua Liba, Danny and Jay Pauline YHLQMDLG It is the highest grossing Spanish language album to date. Is The last tour of the world Actually Benito’s last tour is uncertain, but it’s definitely not his last word.

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