Welsh CNO Jean White is set to step down at Easter 2021

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Welsh Chief Nursing Officer Professor Jean White has been announced to retire next year after a decade in the role.

Before stepping down in Easter 2021, the Welsh government said Professor White would spend the remaining few months as the CNO continues to guide the nursing response to the corona virus infection.

“Gene base in ensuring high quality nursing and midwifery services in NHS Wales”

Welsh government spokesman

Professor White, who trained as a general nurse in Swansea and as a theater nurse in Wales and London, was appointed CNO of Wales in 2010.

During his 10-year tenure, Professor White “played a key role” in enacting the Nurse Staff Positions (Wales) Act 2016, which made Wales the first country in Europe to introduce secure staff positions.

As a leading professional consultant on nursing and midwifery in the Welsh Government and Director of Nursing at NHS Wales, Professor White is at the forefront of policy: maternity services, breastfeeding, patient experience, care in NHS Wales, health and implementation and safety of people with learning disabilities Extension of law.

His team has also overseen the Cross Government Development Life program, which supports people with learning disabilities living in Wales.

Prior to becoming CNO, she held positions in nursing education in the Welsh National Board, Health Care Wales and the Welsh Government.

Professor White, who is currently the World Health Organization’s Specialist Nurse Consultant in the European Region, received the CBE Award in the 2017 Queen’s Birthday Honors List and became a member of the St. John’s Commission in 2018.

“Considering the challenges posed by the current epidemic, I have decided to remain in my position as Chief Nursing Officer early next year.”

Fiona McQueen

She holds several Visiting Professors and Academic Fellowships and is a Fellow of the Queen’s Nursing Institute.

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Announcing the news, a Welsh government spokesman said: “After 10 years as Wales’ Chief Nursing Officer, Jean White will retire at Easter 2021.

“Gene-based, Nurse Personnel Levels (Wales) Act 2016 plays a key role in ensuring high quality nursing and midwifery services in the NHS Wales.”

During his career as CNO, Professor White featured a spokesperson for “continuing to increase the number of registered nurses in Wales” and the retention of NHS scholarships for student nurses, midwives and related health professionals.

“In the remaining months as CNO for Wales, Jean will continue to lead his team in working with health boards to combat the corona virus infection,” they added.

Details of the search for the new CNO will be announced “in a timely manner,” they said.

Fiona McQueen

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that Scottish CNO Professor McQueen has delayed retiring due to illness.

Professor McQueen, who has been in the role for more than five years, was scheduled to stand in June this year, but will now continue until the beginning of 2021.

He said: “In view of the challenges posed by the current epidemic, I have decided to remain in my position as Chief Nursing Officer until the beginning of next year.”

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