Rush finishes Limbaugh 180, Sydney Powell blast now that team Trump has rejected her

Rush finishes Limbaugh 180, Sydney Powell blast now that team Trump has rejected her

Rush Limbaugh Trump Legal Committee’s unrestricted press conference completely rescheduled Monday to describe unsubstantiated election-fraud conspiracies A few days of praise Attorney Sidney Powell – the Trump team denied it – for dropping “bombs everywhere”.

Following Powell’s claim that millions of votes were stolen from President Donald Trump by corrupt software, Powell gave one Off-Rails interview on Newsmax TV In it, Georgia’s Republican governor and secretary of state expanded their conspiracy to bribe.

Because Powell was already there Fireworks from Fox News host Tucker Carlson For failing to provide any evidence for his outrageous allegations that the late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez was involved in vote-rigging Team Trump finally pulled out of Powell On Sunday evening, he said, “He is studying law on his own. He is not a member of the Trump Legislative Council. He is not a lawyer in the personal capacity of the President. “

Trump and his legal team did not attempt to recall Powell in the days leading up to the extra praise for the unsubstantiated conspiracies and relentless promises of the lawyer raising QAnon.Release the monster. ”

During his Thursday broadcast, Immediately following the insane news conference – which took place Giuliani’s hair-dye lowered his face As he acted My cousin Winnie—Limbaugh could not contain his delight at Powell Dominion voting removed the principles of software Flip the votes for President-elect Joe Biden.

“Sydney Powell dropped bombs everywhere,” Limbaugh said at the time. “For example, Trump’s votes were so high that the number of people who voted for Trump was so bad that the Dominion system with smart software melted down. Couldn’t handle it, couldn’t cheat it fast, couldn’t win the proper number of Trump votes. ”

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Reiterating Powell’s “impeccable reputation” on Thursday afternoon, Limbaugh said Powell’s “evidence of fraud” and “comprehensive evidence of communist money” were being used to “rig elections”, a journalist’s “full hour” of consistent, overwhelming evidence. “

Fast forward to Monday: Limbaugh Now he sings a different song.

“I mean, it’s hard to deny that she’s always been a part of it, because they introduced her as a part. I mean, she was at that press conference last week,” he said, noting that Powell’s official involvement in Trump’s legal team was unreliable. Ellis claimed to be a member of the group’s “elite strike force.”)

“You call a huge press conference — it lasts an hour — you announce‘ massive bombings ’and then you have some bombings,” he said. “There must be something other than what we got at that press conference.”

Limbaugh, who referred to Powell as a “shark jumper”, again expressed disappointment at the lack of evidence when he threw the president’s legal team under the bus.

“Because of the nature of the press conference, I talked to a lot of people,” he concluded. “They promised blockbuster things, and then nothing happened. It’s not good.”

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