Vanessa Hudgens joins MLP star Cole Tucker 10 months after Austin Butler split

Vanessa Hudgens Cozying Up to MLB Star Cole Tucker 10 Months After Austin Butler Split
Vanessa Hudgens joins MLP star Cole Tucker 10 months after Austin Butler split

‘Princess Switch’ actress hugs and shakes hands with baseball player in Los Angeles after teasing about her ‘date night’ on Instagram post.

Vanessa Hudgens 10 months after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend, she finds herself a new man Austin Butler. The actress was spotted on a date with the MLP star Cole Tucker Saturday night November 21 in Los Angeles.

The famous 31-year-old, 24-year-old athlete who portrays Gabriella Montes in the “High School Musical” movie series is not ashamed to show their affection to each other. As seen in the obtained images Daily Mail, “Powerless“Alam wrapped his arms around his brand new boyfriend.

The couple hugged themselves warmly while waiting at a vault stand to get their car after a romantic dinner at the Canyon Country Store. As they walked hand in hand I could see them beating too.

To get out, Vanessa wore an attractive black satin slip-on dress with a neckline and a thigh-high heel. She layered it with an ankle-length pale gray coat, while wearing a black beanie and a pair of black ankle boots.

The professional baseball shortstop and offfielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates, meanwhile, kept it casual in a red caft beanie, navy blue hoodie, skinny jeans and a pair of white Nike kilts. They were both wearing masks, but they carried it on their cheeks.

That night, Vanessa teased that she went on a “date night” on an Instagram post. She shared a picture of herself smiling behind a pink rose she was holding to cover part of her face. The star appeared to be sitting at a dining table while playing with a white top, hop earrings and some bracelets.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The ex-couple called to leave earlier this year after dating for nearly nine years. Vanessa was previously in a long-term relationship with her former “high school music” co-star Zac Efron From 2005 to 2010.

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