Pregnant dog Matilda rescues four from fire in Leningrad, Russia

Pregnant dog Matilda rescues four from fire in Leningrad, Russia

A hero dog is recovering from severe burns.

The animal ran into a burning building in the Leningrad region of Russia and barked to warn its female owner about hell.

The dog was exposed to carbon monoxide, and suffered terrible burns.

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All four residents of the private welfare center were pulled safely out of the fire after the fire service was called.

But Mongrel Modilda was only later saved and suffered serious injuries.

Volunteers Elena Kalinina and Alexander Singevich rescued the animal.

The pregnant dog “cries and trembles with pain, but bravely endures everything,” says one report.

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Animal propagandists are now fighting at the Vasilek shelter in St. Petersburg, so save the dog from brutal burns.

“Modilda’s face, neck and abdomen were badly burned,” the shelter said in a statement.

“She was examined by a fertility specialist and she looked after her for a very long time and carefully studied the puppies.

“They are all alive and well.

“I can’t understand the number of children she carries now because she’s a big dog.”

But Matilda – also known as Motia – is unable to feed her puppies as her nipples are badly burned.

After the fire, the hospitality owner was reportedly unable to care for the dog due to injury.

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