Hugh Grant discovers father’s tiredness and signs into TV role to take a break from his kids

Hugh Grant discovers father's tiredness and signs into TV role to take a break from his kids

The father of five agrees to take on a role in the new TV drama ‘The Undoing’ to get away from the children, so the ‘Love Actually’ actor is real about having parents for his children.

Hugh Grant Recorded to star in his new TV drama “Deactivate“As he finds his father” is exhausting. ”

Starring with a British actor Nicole Kidman In the new thriller series – but paired with the Aussie actress is not the most attractive thing about this project.

In an interview with a UK chat show host Graham Norton The father of five, three of whom he shares with his wife, a Swedish TV producer Anna Elizabeth Eberstein, Expressed that he thought he needed a break from parenting – but could not find his children, so he broke up the settlement.

“I did this job just to let them go because I was tired at my age,” he explains. “I thought it would be great to get a break, but every time I came to New York I missed them so much, I was so confused, so every scene was suddenly a special one for me in tears. I would even go into a cafe and ask for a cup of coffee, tears would come!”

Revealing how age and parenting have softened him, 60-year-old Hugh adds, “Because I spent a career not being able to mobilize an emotion, I could not stop them in my old age. That fact must be taken into account. ”

Graham’s full interview “Really love“The star is airing on BBC One on Friday.

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