The dinosaurs did not fall before the asteroid hit Earth

Dinosaurs weren’t in decline before the asteroid hit the Earth

A new analysis has been conducted by researchers at the University of Bath and the Museum of Natural History in London, which denies that dinosaurs collapsed before the massive asteroid impact that led to the extinction of most species on Earth. Researchers believe that dinosaurs could have continued to dominate Earth if the asteroid had not struck. During the asteroid impact during the late Cretaceous period, dinosaurs were widespread worldwide.

Prior to the asteroid impact, dinosaurs occupied every continent of the planet and were the dominant form of animals for most of the Earth’s ecosystems. Paleobiologists still argue that despite the widespread diversity, there was a decline in diversity when dinosaurs became extinct. Researchers By collecting a collection of different dinosaur family trees, each major dinosaur group used a statistical model to estimate whether new creatures could be created at that time.

Contrary to some previous studies, the study found that the dinosaurs did not fall before the asteroid impact. The authors also suggest that dinosaurs could have continued to be the dominant group of terrestrial animals on the planet if not for the impact. Researcher Joe Ponzer is the primary author of this study, while others say that past studies have used a variety of methods to come to their conclusions, and that dinosaurs could die without asteroid impact.

The new study shows an expanded set of data covering the most recent times with a wide range of family trees and a wide range of dinosaur species, all of which do not point to that conclusion. Ponzer says only half of the results suggest that the dinosaurs fell. Rather than simply calculating the number of organisms within a family, the researchers used statistical methods to deal with sample dependencies that looked at the reproduction rates of dinosaur families.

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The main thing with paper is that it is not as easy as making a decision by looking at a few trees. Ponzer argues that there are large and unavoidable biases in the fossil record, and that a lack of data may often indicate the decline of the organism, but the decline does not reflect the reality of the time.

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