Biden and Netanyahu agree to meet soon after further 'loving conversation'

Biden and Netanyahu agree to meet soon after further ‘loving conversation’

The Biden change committee later confirmed Tuesday that the two leaders discussed the US commitment to Israeli security and that Biden expects to work closely with Netanyahu throughout his presidency.

And Israeli President Ruwan Rivlin Tweeted He spoke with Biden on Tuesday, calling him an “old friend” of Israel, “knowing that our friendship is based on values ​​beyond a discriminatory politics.”

Netanyahu is one of the latest world leaders to speak with Biden in the two weeks since Election Day, following in the footsteps of French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Irish Taoist Michael Martin and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The Chinese government and Pope Francis have also congratulated the president-elect. Biden’s change committee revealed on Tuesday that the president – elect had met with leaders from Chile, South Africa and India.

But the news of Netanyahu’s talks with Pita could particularly crush Trump, as the current president and prime minister have developed geopolitical and political alliances in recent years.

The Trump administration has largely pursued Middle East policy in favor of Israel, focusing on protecting it from regional threats such as Iran. Meanwhile, Netanyahu has used a video of his diplomacy with Trump to promote his Likud party in the Israeli assembly elections.

The Trump administration has used its role in the recent Abraham Accords as examples of its foreign policy achievements. The agreement paved the way for the normalization of relations with Israel with Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates – the first Arab countries to do so since Jordan established relations in 1994. This is the first time that Saudi Arabia has allowed an El Al aircraft to use its airspace for commercial flights. Sudan followed suit and normalized relations with Israel in October.

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“President Trump’s foreign policy and national security record is only comparable to that of Ronald Reagan in the last two generations,” said National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien, who spurred diplomatic progress with Israel.

Netanyahu had a popular frozen relationship with former President Barack Obama and has gone so far Crime The Obama administration carried out a “shameful anti-Israel maneuver at the UN” in 2016 after the United States ignored a Security Council resolution urging Israel to stop setting up settlements in the Palestinian territories.

But last month Netanyahu’s relationship was marred by election-related tensions Denied An opportunity to publicly criticize Pita during a phone call with Trump at the Oval Office, despite the president’s encouragement to do so.

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