Harry Styles fans defend singer after writer Candace Owens attacked him for wearing a Vogue cover

Fabulous finery: Harry Styles

The photoshoot sparked online conversations around masculinity, gender and clothing, with author Candace Owens and some prominent conservative commentators, including commentator Ben Shapiro, criticizing the editorial.

Owens wrote on his Twitter page: “Bring back the luxurious men.”

He added: “There is no society that can live without strong men. The East knows this. In the West, while Marxism is taught to our children, the constant feminism of our men is not a coincidence. This is an obvious attack. ” [sic]

Shapiro shared his tweet and wrote: “Whoever pretends that this is not a referendum on masculinity, wearing fancy clothes makes you look like a complete fool.”

However, Wilde, the actor and director who is currently working on a film with Styles-Stars, responded to Owens’ tweets: “You’re pathetic.”

Good Place actress Jameel added: “Manly wants what you want.”

Styles, who is best known for her Boyfriend One direction, previously wore a dress on the cover of Guardian Weekend.

The pop star, who is regularly celebrated for her style, talked about her fashion sense Vogue.

He said: “You can never be exaggerated. There is no such thing.

“People I liked in music – Prince and David Bowie and Elvis and Freddie Mercury and Elton John – they were such showmen.

“As a kid it was totally mind blowing. Now I feel so active and I’m not crazy wearing it.

“If you get something you can feel amazing, I think it’s like a superhero costume.”

He added: “There are clothes to have fun, experiment and play.


Harry styles in one direction

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“When you carry, ‘there are clothes for men, there are clothes for women’, if you remove any obstacles, you open the arena where you can play.”

He said he considers women’s clothing to be “amazing”.

“I go to the shops sometimes and I find women thinking amazing about clothes,” she said.

“It’s like anything — whenever you put obstacles in your own life, you control yourself.

“There’s so much fun in playing with clothes.

“I never thought much about what this would mean. It would become this extended part of creating something.”

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