Is Logan Huntsberger a very realistic character?

Gilmore Girls Rory Gilmore Fans have long been debating the merits of each male friend. Her first serious boyfriend Dean Forrester has a few fans, but most viewers are torn between Jess Mariano and Logan Huntsberger. Despite some serious flaws in Logan, he may have been more realistic in Rory’s aesthetics.

Logan Huntsberger was not the only one who went crazy when he met Rory

The relationship improvement between Logan and Rory is very realistic on the show. When Rory met Dean, he was immediately taken away with her. When Jess entered the city, she set her sights on dating Rory immediately. In Rory’s life Logan only tried to realize the situation before jumping into a serious relationship.

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The improvement of their relationship from friends to friends with the benefits to a couple is a very realistic portrayal of young love during the seven season run of the show. Logan’s reluctance to initially engage in a relationship with Rory is incredibly realistic and, frankly, pragmatic.

Logan was realistic about his offer and the good and bad that came with it

Like his mother, Rory acted as if his family name did not give him some luxuries in life. Logan, however, said his family was richer and more established than Gilmours, and was very realistic about his offer. Logan never denied the benefits his family gave him. Logan is also real about how complicated the birth of Huntsberger is.

Matt Zuchry as Logan Huntsberger in 'Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life'
Matt Zuchry as Logan Huntsberger in ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ | Netflix

In many ways, Logan was right; His life was set for him even before he was born. Although he was overwhelmed by the expectation that he would be forced into a life he did not exactly want, he understood that there were pros and cons to his situation. Rory could not say the same.

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He tried to understand Rory, how she felt alien to him

Rory made it clear that Logan was incredibly bright. During the time he was in Rory’s life, he proved to be emotionally and intelligently. Logan, the only boyfriend Rory had, was only interested in trying to understand her feelings, and how she felt was completely alien to him.

'S Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life ''s Logan Huntsberg as Matt Zuchri and Rory Gilmore as Alexis Fledel
Logan Huntsberger and Rory Gilmore | Netflix

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When Rory was sad that she turned 21 when she was out with Lorelai, Logan offered to take her anywhere she wanted to cheer her on. After she refused, he made it clear that he understood that she had missed her mother, even though he was not personally close to her. When she panicked at Richard Gilmore’s heart attack, he stayed in the hospital with her and felt her feelings.

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