Taylor Swift had one of the best nights of her life with Paul McCartney

Taylor Swift had one of the best nights of her life with Paul McCartney
Rolling Stone Magazine / Mary McCartney

The ‘Lover’ singer recalled having one of the funniest nights of her life with a former Fab Four and a blasting music in a crowd of celebrities.

Taylor Swift Enjoyed one of the “best nights of his life.” Paul McCartney.

In a joint interview Rolling Stone The magazine calls pop star “Hey Jude” singer Paul “the catalyst for the funniest times ever” because he laments the fact that Kovid got infected on the way to a planned joint show at the Glastonbury Festival this summer (20).

“If it had gone the way we thought it would go this year, you and I would have played Glastonbury,” he says. “I thought it would have been a lot of fun, because I relate the times I ran into you to the most fun nights of my life.”

“I was at a party with you, when everyone started playing music … I was playing (Dave KrollS foo, fighters Song) is the best of you, but I read it on the piano, and until halfway through he didn’t recognize it. ”

Kroll, who was in the crowd, joined Taylor on the drums, but the “Let It Be” star acknowledges that he needs encouragement to get up on stage when it comes to casual performances. “Reese Witherspoon ‘Are you going to sing?’ I said ‘oh, I don’t know’. She said, ‘You have come, yes!’ She is the boss around me. ”

“I love that person because party music doesn’t change without that person,” Taylor adds, “if no one says, ‘Can you play music?’ We’re not going to be invited on stage at any living room party. ”

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“I remember Woody Harrelson I got on the piano and he started playing Let It Be, thinking ‘I can do this better’ “Paul laughs. “So I said, ‘Come on, go upstairs, Woody.’ So we both played it. It was so good. ”

“I love people like that And Aikroyd, Who is energetic, he loves his music very much, but he is not a musician but he wanders around the room saying, ‘You have to get up, get up, do some things’. He adds.

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