Sweden’s corona virus hospitals could grow faster than anywhere else in Europe

Sweden's corona virus hospitals could grow faster than anywhere else in Europe

Sweden’s corona virus hospitalization is growing at a rate.

The European Centers for Disease Control says the number of people seeking hospital treatment for complications with Covit-19 is doubling every eight days.

Statistics show that there are currently 1,004 people in intensive care GuardianThis is 60 percent more than last week’s total of 627.

The Daily Mail Sweden’s hospitalization rate is faster than Austria’s and Slovakia’s, with hospital admissions doubling every nine days, while Italy says hospital admissions are doubling every 10 days.

Credit: B.A.
Credit: B.A.

Bjன்rn Eriksson, Director of Health and Medical Services of Sweden for Stockholm, State broadcaster S.V.: “We consider the situation very serious and we can expect more people to require hospital care in the coming weeks.”

The European country took a new approach to the epidemic, instead of locking residents in, they allowed people to roam freely and not force them to wear masks. Sweden, which has seen a massive increase in infections such as France, Spain and the UK, has largely avoided, and it was thought the country would avoid a second wave due to herd immunity.

However, the second wave has come well and truly, and it is worrying.

Sweden’s seven-day new epidemic has gone over 4,000, which is completely different from when the country was less than 500 last month.

Credit: B.A.
Credit: B.A.
The United States records the highest single-day increase in corona virus infections
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Anders Technell, the country’s chief epidemiologist, suggested that the trend of a large number of positive test results would ‘definitely increase’.

Prime Minister Stephen Lofven Addressed the nation Earlier this week, he said, “It’s November .It’s the darkest month of the year, and darkness has been with us for some time now.

“All the signs are now going in the wrong direction.

“The infection is spreading fast, with more than double the number of people being treated for Covit-19 in intensive care over the past week. . ”

“We are in danger of going completely dark. We are at risk of more people getting sick, more people dying, more people working in the health sector and more procrastination.”

Sweden has proposed banning the sale of alcohol after 10pm in an effort to reduce the proximity of people to each other, although no other social distance rules have been imposed. Bars and other venues should be closed by 10:30 p.m.

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