The Shisler Cheese Toast Recipe was revealed when the restaurant chain closed

The Shisler Cheese Toast Recipe was revealed when the restaurant chain closed

People have been waiting in line for hours to eat it, but now you don’t have to do so.

As the final farewell event, Shisler has revealed how to make its iconic cheese snack.

For years people have been speculating about how to create the perfect version Sharing hacks and recipes It goes viral.

With Sisler’s final nine Australian restaurants closing their doors on November 15, the chain’s final split gift is the exact recipe.

Here, here:

required things:

Thick sliced ​​white bread

Pecorino cheese



1. Add equal amount of butter to the pecorino cheese and mix to form a paste.

2. Spread the mixture on one side of the bread.

3. Cook for about 60 seconds on low to medium heat in your frying pan. When it is golden brown, it is ready to eat.

The basic recipe for snacks has not changed since it appeared in the United States 40 years ago.

Others used Parmesan cheese for their versions, which are said to be equally tasty.

Confusion erupted over the recreating of the top-secret Heavenly Cheese snack on Facebook after a home cooking earlier this year. Shared his genius recipe.

Even Americans make sure to get the final taste of the cheese snack.

There was a restaurant chain everywhere around Australia, but its buffet theme, the changing taste of the country and the highly competitive food environment made it difficult for Sisler.

Chisler Restaurants Closing is located in Mermaid Beach, Loganhome, Duamba, Marochidor and Capulcher in Queensland; Innalu, Kelmscott and Morley in Western Australia; And in New South Wales in Campbelltown.

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Collins Foods, its parent company, took a “tough decision” after sales slowed from the peak of COVID-19 impacts.

Dismissal packages have been issued to about 600 employees, and some employees will be sent to its KFC or Taco Bell operations.

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