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The votes are still being counted. Joe Biden has 76,343,332, and it is approximately 4.9 m Donald Trump, Is the first one-time president of the 21st century.

Here is the status of the game in some of the key states that we have been paying close attention to during the campaign:

Arizona: Biden leads with 14,746. The government initially called for a Democratic nominee by the Associated Press and Fox News. Attracts the wrath of the President’s fans.

Georgia: Biden leads by 11.413. The government has already said it will reconsider.

Florida: Trump is ahead by 374,394 after campaign lobbies appeared to echo with some Latin voters that Biden represented extreme left socialism.

Michigan: Biden leads with 146,123. The rapidly corrected spelling error in this state that led to the abrupt advance in Biden votes has been a major cause for attention on social media conspiracy theory, but remains Completely deleted.

Nevada: Biden leads with 36,186. Mail-in votes in this state may arrive by November 12 and will be counted if they are postmarked on or before Election Day.

North Carolina: Trump leads with 74,819. The president retained the state that won in 2016.

Pennsylvania: Biden leads the state with 45,336 for four seasons total land area.

Texas: Trump leads with 647,282. Democrats poured money into advertising in the state, hoping it could work. not that.

Wisconsin: Biden leads the 20,540. It is noteworthy that, as in Pennsylvania and Arizona, Libertarian Party candidate Joe Jorgensen voted more than the difference between Trump and Biden. If Trump had been elected instead, those voters could have turned 41 election college votes in his favor.

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