Apple qualifies main supplier Pecatron for labor violations

Apple qualifies main supplier Pecatron for labor violations

Apple Corps’ new carmaker, Pecatron, has been cut off from new contracts following allegations of student labor violations at some of the Taiwanese manufacturer’s China – based facilities. Bloomberg Reports Apple detects Bekatron false documents in violation of Apple’s code of conduct for suppliers.

Pecatron is one of Apple’s largest distribution chain partners, producing a variety of products, including some new iPhone 12 models. However, the company is said to be in the process of testing, and will not be able to win any new business from Apple until the issue is resolved.

“We have a rigorous review and approval process for any student-employee program, which ensures that the coach’s work is relevant to their core and prevents overtime or night shifts,” Pegatron fired the program manager in a statement to Bloomberg. “Pegatron misrepresented student workers in their program and falsified documents to cover up violations of our code, including allowing students to work nights and / or overtime and in some cases doing their core unrelated work.”

“Upon detection of this inconsistency, we immediately withdrew student workers from production taxes and provided all necessary support with our client and third-party experts to make the appropriate arrangements for their return to their homes or schools. Attention,” Pegatron’s own statement states, “At this point, Apple is not yet convinced. It seems that.

This is not the first time Pekatron’s student labor program has attracted attention. Published by China Labor Watch a Report In 2013, student workers at a Pegatron factory in Shanghai were accused of overtime and underpaid.

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