UFC Vegas 13 Results: Jan Zion shows fast hands, beats Claudia Cadelha

UFC Vegas 13 Results: Jan Zion shows fast hands, beats Claudia Cadelha

A new contender has emerged in the UFC Strawweight division as Yan Zion unanimously decided on the biggest success of his career over former title contender Claudia Cadelha.

The 31-year-old veteran showed quick hands, good footprints and a block strike, and Kadelha struggled to cope with much of the fight. When the final horn sounded, all the judges read all the score 29-28 in favor of Yanu and agreed to win.

By beating past title challengers at Cadelha and Carolina Kovalkivitch, Yan is climbing very close to a final title against fellow countrywoman Zhang Weili.

ā€œI feel so excited,ā€ Yan said following the win. ā€œ[Iā€™m ready for a title fight] At any rate, it depends on Dana White. He can arrange fights [against Zhang Weili] any time. “

The fight eventually went Yan’s way, but in the opening moments of the first round, Cadelha used his playing ability to take his game plan to the ground. For his arrival, Yan did not give up that position because she began to shoot him in the back with a hammer and elbows, which forced Cadelha to work every second he earned on the mat.

As the fight moved to the second round, Yan was able to stay on her feet, which caused trouble for Cadelha. Yan was fast with his hands, throwing several shots in succession and keeping the Brazilian at the end of his punches.

Yan constantly rubbed Cadelha’s nose and turned her head whenever she pressed forward and pulled out the most effective lead jab. This also led to Cadelha being very deliberate in her downgrading efforts, which then allowed the elephant to resist and make sure she did not stand up.

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As time goes on, Yan adds more speed and power. Apparently, the judges were focused, and as a result the Chinese Strawight decided to win.

The win could not directly link Elephant to a title shot with Zhang, who is expected to face former champion Rose Namazunas in early 2021, but his path is now very short following UFC’s win over Cadelha at Vegas 13.

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