The long-rumored mass effect restored trilogy is set to release next fall

The long-rumored mass effect restored trilogy is set to release next fall

Image: Bioware

Today, as part of N7 Day, BioWare officially announced Mass Effect Legendary Version, Which collects the original three Mass effectT-Games in a redesigned package with advanced visuals, configurations and previously released DLC. It will be released for PCs and consoles in the Australian fall next year.

Bioware did not call The overall effect Full remake of the remastered version, But instead aims to greatly improve and refine the original game, so new and returning players can enjoy the classic RPG trilogy in its “best form”. Improvements include new shaders, improved writing models and structures, higher resolutions and improved frameworks.

It comes with PS4, Xbox One and PC. Bioware claims that the Xbox Series X and PS5 versions will include “target updates”, so expect even better space shots on next-generation computers.

First re-released in 2007, the first game The overall effect The trilogy is an Xbox 360 exclusive. (Remember that? It’s weird.) After that, then all The overall effect The games will be multiplatform releases including the most recent Mass effect Andromeda. Also, no, Andromeda Not a part of this package.

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