Meet America’s New First Dogs, Champ and Major Pitton

Meet America's New First Dogs, Champ and Major Pitton

Photo by Joe Biden and Major via Delaware Human Association on Facebook. Photo of Jill Biden with new first dogs via rDrJill on Twitter.

When President-elect Joe Biden enters the White House in January, he will be accompanied by some furry family members – German shepherds Champ and Major. That’s right: after four years of vacancy, not one, but two FPOTUS (America’s first pets) will be back once again.

As a senior Biden dog and senior in D.C. political career, Champ will show his brother the ropes. Sasha and Malia Obama were promised a pet by their father, the president, and gave the same assurance to Biden’s wife, Jill Biden, who would tape photos of dogs while sitting on a campaign plane in front of her husband. According to Politico. One month after Barack Obama won the 2008 election, the couple adopted a six-week-old champion from a breeder in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Biden’s granddaughters Finnegan and Maisie chose the name Champ.

Ten years later, daughter Ashley Biden came to the life of rescue dog Major Bidens after sharing a Facebook post about German shepherd puppies littering their original home. Fitness officially began growing Major before March 2018 Accepting Eight months later from the Delaware Human Association in Wilmington.

Why German Shepherds? The president-elect grew up with the race. “I had German shepherds – since I was a boy. I actually coached them and showed them in the past, in my past life,” Biden said. Said ABC’s George Stephanopoulos in December 2008.

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After four years without a White House pet, it feels like a return to normalcy with the arrival of the Reefs pending. In fact, when Donald Trump was in office he was one of the rare presidents who had no four-legged, feathered or furry friend, James K. Polk only joined. Trump’s shortage of pets even rolled into Biden’s campaign news:

Champ and Major will receive nominations from Poe and Sunny Obama, pioneers on West Wing life. In his first post, Poe flew in Air Force One and met with members of Congress, stopping sessions for the Old Town School of Dogs in Alexandria and vacations at Camp David – big pav prints to fill for Champ and Major.

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