On this Helscape volcanic planet, rain and wind are supersonic

On this Helscape volcanic planet, rain and wind are supersonic

Exoplanet K2-141b lives in orbit close to its star, making it a wild and hospitable place.

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If you ever have to feel so grateful for Earth, think of some truly terrifying planets lurking outside our solar system. Take, for example, K2-141b, a dreamy “lava planet”.

York University doctoral student-led team of researchers Mars Kiang Nguyen Directed computer simulations to predict extreme planetary conditions and weather. K2-141b has the misfortune of being located close to its host star. Two-thirds of the planet is locked in a burning-hot permanent light, which is fast on the dark side as well.

One published by scientists Study of K2-141b in the Monthly Announcements of the Royal Astronomical Society. The Exoplanet can reach a depth of 62 miles (100 km) on a magma ocean, while its surface is buffed by supersonic winds of over 3,100 miles per hour (5,000 kilometers).

“All rocky planets, including Earth, began as molten worlds, but then quickly cooled and solidified. Lava planets give us a rare view at this stage of planetary evolution,” planet scientist Nicola Cowan said in a statement from McGill University on Tuesday.

Computer simulations suggest that K2-141b rocks will rain. “In K2-141b, the mineral vapor formed by evaporated rock is returned to the magma ocean by supersonic air and ‘rain’ of rocks.”

Researchers believe that next-generation telescopes are the same NASA’s late James Webb Space Telescope Exoplanet can be meticulously monitored and system simulations can tell us if they are accurate.

K2-141b Even if half hell as they think, you want to embrace the earth, never give up.

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