Ricky Kerwais calls Tom Hanks ‘privileged’ for what he thought was ‘above’ Golden Globe jokes

Ricky Kerwais calls Tom Hanks 'privileged' for what he thought was 'above' Golden Globe jokes

The British comedian is shooting back celebrities, including the ‘Forest Gump’ star, who failed to see the funny side of his monologue at the Golden Globe Awards earlier this year.

Ricky Kerwais Earlier this year (20) he opened his infamous Golden Globes speech.

The comic aims to “awaken” the popular culture that created some laughter among the audience during his time as the host of the awards ceremony, but who struggled to see the funny side of a star’s monologue Tom Hanks.

The “Forest Comp“The actor was seen shouting during Ricky’s skit, and his reaction quickly turned into a viral monument – and the funny thing is now slandering Tom as the” privileged one “for thinking the comedy” above “.

Speaks Christian O’ConnellS “The meaning of myths“Web light,”Office“The creator said, ‘The big memory goes to Tom Hanks:’ Why does he say that? ‘ ”

“People go, ‘Oh, he’s on his high horse.’ But when Leonardo DiCaprio Laughed, “People loved him,” he shared. ” I can say a lot of bad things about them, but I don’t want it to be so bad and for any reason. ”

He continued, “People who laugh at a joke, they get a round of applause because people go, ‘Oh that’s good, they can take it,’ We don’t want people to be on top of it.”

“I know I’m privileged, but I’m really nothing ‘We allow people to get privilege until they say,’ We do not want people to go ‘Oh I deserve it, how dare you talk to me like that.'”

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“If we think these people are starting to believe in their own motivation, we want to cut them a peck or two.”

Ricky has insisted that he will not give the gift again following his 2020 year, when he insisted that “it will never happen”.

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