Panera tests wine, beer and hardware at select locations – you can find it here

Panera tests wine, beer and hardware at select locations - you can find it here

Banera Kansas is testing some new additions to its menu.

Pan American Group, the second largest owner of the chain, launches Panera tonight: Beer, Wine & Dine Places At Overland Park, Kansas, Last week, step Kansas City Business Journal.

Pan American plans to expand the test program to three other locations in Johnson County, Kansas, and will announce those locations once they have approved beer and wine licenses, the newspaper reported.

According to Nation Restaurant News, Panera is the first to sell liquor.

Venison-Flavored Whiskey is the latest creation of the new Hampshire distillery

Providing five seats Beer And Heart Soldier of Boulevard Brewing Co., based in Kansas City Alcohol According to Business Journal, from Menez Trois Wine in California.

Fresh drinks will be available after 4pm, in between costs $ 4 and $ 6, Restaurant Business Announced.

Starbucks changes from city centers to include the Covid-19 diaspora

According to the website, the Pan American Group has launched a new project in conjunction with Panera’s new Flatbread Pizzas, Released October 28th.

Pubs and Restaurants in the UK are allowed to sell takeaway beer amid the latest lockdown and desperate early rules.

The owner told the Bon American Group Business Journal that if the test program is successful in Kansas, the owner plans to expand the test to Northern California and other markets.

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Owned by Flynn Restaurant Group, the operator operates 134 Paneras in the United States.

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Flynn Restaurant Group operates 460 Apple Bean locations, 282 Taco Bell locations and 369 RP locations. Website.

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