‘Fortnight’ Patch 14.50 Update: How To Get Free Disney + Subscription For 2 Months

Iron Man JetPack

“Fornite” will soon be introducing the Patch 14.50 update, which will bring in plenty of items like jet packs and Lachlan leather, but in the midst of the spending frenzy, everyone will get a free one in the form of a Disney + subscription. Fort Nightmares is coming to an end, but the new era of future design and its layout will soon bring the game back to its former glory.

Iron Man Jet Pack

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Epic Games’ highest-grossing action, shooting and open-world game, “Fortnight”, introduces its new patch update for a unique gaming experience across all platforms, leaving all the scares and fears behind for the October Halloween event.

There is good news and bad news in this update. The bad news is the end of the Fort Knightmares and the farewell to the flying broom, which will take a player to different destinations quickly and efficiently. The good news is that Marvel’s Anthony Stark, or “The Iron Man,” will carry it from one place to another with a brand new jet bag.

According to PC Gamer, Jet packs are coming back into the game, but this time, it will be in the form of the Stark Industries package from Iron Man. Jet packs are available in piracy packs around the game and are easily accessible to anyone who wants to use the technology.

Epic games did not easily abandon the game’s flying traffic system as the new game jet packs were quickly replaced.

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‘Fortnight’ patch 14.50: What to expect?

Lachlan leather

(Photo: PWR Lachlan via Twitter @LachlanYD)

“Fortnight” Patch 14.50 is starting to be enjoyed by everyone for its regular programming and game design with separate, doubles, team and limited time modes (LTM). With that said, several bombs are being thrown at the game’s new attachment for November.

  • Jet packs – The “Fortnight” patch brings back the classic jet packs at 14.50, brought by favorite Avenger Tony Stark, available for everyone to collect and use.
  • Lachlan leather – YouTuber Lachlan recently unveiled a leather collection after last Sunday’s “Picox Frenzy” event. The leather collection for everyone to buy will soon be on sale at the game’s item store.
  • PS5 and Xbox Series S / X console updates “Fortnight” is preparing for the arrival of the next generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony in the form of Xbox Series S / X and PlayStation 5. The game features 4K video format and smooth 60 fps. Split-screen.
  • Bug fixes – “Fortnight” reviews old bugs affecting three game modes: Battle Royale, Creative Mode and “Save the World.” You can see a bug from 14.50 patch from the epic games as the weapons, skins and game systems malfunction in earlier versions of the game.

‘Fortnight’ and Disney + collaboration: How to get a free subscription for 2 months?

According to VastBlast (AstVastBlastt), Epic Games and Disney + are currently collaborating with a free, which will encourage you to buy the game with VBucks and subscribe to the streaming site’s services. “Fortnight” today offers a two-month free Disney + premium subscription when purchasing the game from November 4 to December 31, 2020.

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