Vote for ‘the people who respect us the most’

Vote for 'the people who respect us the most'

Jacob Blake’s police shooting sparked large-scale protests in Kenosha over the summer. In the run-up to the November 3 election, the group “Justice for the Jacob Alliance” and the “Leaders of Kenosha” came together for the “Occupy Kenosha” event, which focused on voter turnout.

Since Blake was shot dead on August 23, his family and the community around them have called for systematic change to make the city safer for all. Now, people are telling their mantras and demonstrations to act on the referendum – saying their mission to transform society and country is not over.

“If you’re really interested in little Jack, or the Floyd family, or Coles, get someone, your aunt, your grandmother, your uncle, your nephews – make sure you take people to the polls,” said Justin Blake, Jacob’s uncle.

Justin Blake and his family have been on the streets for months calling for justice. While the shooting is under investigation, Justin Blake said the next step is to select officers who will truly care for the oppressed.

“We want to vote for people who value African-Americans and their lives and who make decisions with bills and laws that reflect that,” Justin Blake said.

Monday‚Äôs rally – which includes temperature taking and social distance – focused on solidarity. Instead of clashing with the president’s arrival at the airport, organizers say they want to focus positively, considering the possibility of changing the country on Tuesday.

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“You know, we may not all agree, but we have to respect each other,” said Tanya McLean, executive director of Kenosha’s Leaders. . Plays a role in it.

The groups said Monday that hundreds of people have registered to vote over the past several weeks, which we hope will make a difference on Tuesday.

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