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Nigel Farage appears on the TV show "This morning" In London on 12 March.
Nigel Farage appeared on the TV show “This Morning” in London on March 12. Ken McKay / ITV / Shutterstock

Nigel Farage, the politician who won Britain’s exit from the European Union, plans to relaunch his Brexit party as the so-called anti-lock party to reform the UK.

Richard Dice, leader of the Farage and Brexit party, attacked British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in response to the outbreak in a joint article in the Daily Telegraph:

The government’s sad response to the corona virus is a very important issue, “the couple wrote.

“Locks don’t work” and “do more harm than good” they said.

This article comes a few days before the new locking effect is expected to come into effect in the UK. The UK Parliament will vote on the restrictions on Wednesday; If approved, the new lock will begin hours later.

These plans have created a backlash within Johnson’s own Conservative party, with several MPs opposing the move.

Farage and Dice instead called for a Swedish-style herd immunity approach, welcoming its “substantial success”, despite the Swedish record Govit-19 case numbers reported last week.

On Twitter, Farage added: “There is a political choice in the lockout now. We are waiting to see if we can get a real Brexit. Beyond that, our entire government system is not functioning and total reform is needed.”

The UK has seen some anti-lockdown protests, but not one Yukov poll In a statement released on Sunday, 72% of people in the UK said they would support Johnson’s plan to return to drastic measures.

Reform Britain currently has no elected representatives; Its proposed name change is subject to the approval of the Electoral Commission of the United Kingdom.

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