Walapis suffers biggest loss to All Blacks in 117 years as Platislow dreams shattered

Walapis suffers biggest loss to All Blacks in 117 years as Platislow dreams shattered

Talk about the turning point of last year’s 47-26 win in Perth.

There is something about the Platislaw competitions and the city of Sydney that is not married to the Wallabies. The first parts were especially ugly. In 2016, Australia trailed 32-3, dropping themselves 40-6 at key intervals a year later. This time, they went into the barns 26-0, and all the blacks were easily cut off and left without answers.

In the last six first-half against All Blocks in Sydney, Australia scored a total of 21 points, and this latest performance was even at the bottom of the barrel by Sydney standards.

Wallabies half-nick Nick White was brilliant during a half-time interview, and they could not bring himself to pay the All Blacks they deserved to execute the most brilliant game plan in wet conditions.

“No disrespect, but they didn’t do the whole thing,” White told Fox Sports. “It’s all our fault. We’ve rewarded them with points … we make many simple mistakes.”

The last Wallabies to win their Test debut against All Blacks was No. 10 Rod Koffer and Nova Lolesio would have gone to bed dreaming of following the former Prompeys playmaker, and his night was one that will often be forgotten.

Injured James O’Connor struggled to find his rhythm early in the game, and while defending full-time, Richie Monga failed to put the man in the lead. -Two attempts by Matsin.

Lolesio passes in the 42nd minute, but his night was shortened to the 60th minute, at one point the kick for his touch was dead and Australia needed a favorable field position to exit with points.

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He came off the field in the 64th minute, with questions as to whether he was thrown to the deep end too soon at this level.

Fellow debutant Ere Simon was quiet at 12th, while Jordan Betia was one of Australia’s best defeats.

Inexperience came to bite Wallace again as Moyunga and Futon Barrett showed why he was a class upstairs, especially when the latter chipped up, his No. 10 came back and went away for a better attempt.

Six days earlier, at the same venue, the Penrith Panthers had made an exciting comeback, pushing the Melbourne storm 26-0, but the men who were in the gold had nothing to turn the ball over too often.

Prior to the match, Filippo Dougunu said his aim was to “beat” Caleb Clark. Winger’s words haunted him again when his first block on the All Blacks wrecking ball went completely wrong.

Doug was shown a yellow card in the third minute for hitting Clarke in the air, and, as they often do, scored shortly after New Zealand’s Prop Carl Duinquaf’s courtesy.


From tapping, to throwing the ball out, Dug Gunu is lucky not to be hooked in half time. This will be an ugly Monday video review session on Chesnok.

Doug Kunu ‘s marginal damage was slightly reduced when Jordi Barrett was sent to the 10 minute interval after taking a high shot to make contact with Dan Halet-box.

With a mountain of terrain and possessions, all the blacks were unlucky to be denied points by Dan Coles and Clark – once by knock-on and another by a special closure from Marika Coyote.

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Three of the five pointers between the 21st and 30th minutes sucked the life out of the Wallabies and again did not excite Sydney rugby fans.

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