Eurozone recovery hits expectations as severe winter looms – live updates

Eurozone recovery hits expectations as severe winter looms - live updates

2) Most public sector audits of Grant Thornton are below standard: Five of the six major public sector audits conducted by Grant Thornton did not come to scratch last year, according to a leaked study seen by The Telegraph.

3) The second lock ‘destroys hospitality and the high street’: After spending millions on Govt protection, businesses urged the government not to follow France and Germany into nationwide restrictions.

4) PTCFO slander for ‘confusing communications’ as shares fall: The positive update hides signs of tough trading for its core consumer business and shakes stocks violently at the end of the day.

5) Facebook ignores boycott with rapid growth from pre-Coward times: The social media company returned to its previous growing revenue, suggesting that a major hate speech boycott had not lowered its base.

It happened overnight

AXian shares fell on Friday as investors weighed in on opportunities for economic stimulus from Washington and Europe in anticipation of next week’s US presidential election.

Definitions in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Seoul all backfired. Shanghai played between gains and losses.

In Tokyo, the Nikkei 225 fell 0.8 pc to 23,147.14 and in Hong Kong, Hong Kong lost 0,1 pc to 24,580.22.

The Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.1pc to 3,269.45 after the ruling Communist Party said it would transform China into a self-confident “technological force.”

Cosby 1.2 PC in Seoul was down 2,298.96 and Sydney’s S&P-ASX 200 was down 0.3 PC at 5,945.20.

India’s Sensex opened at 0.4 PC 39,906.14. New Zealand, Singapore and Bangkok retreated.

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Corporate: Glencore, IAG, Northwest Group (Medieval); Convotech Group PLC. (Business Report)

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Economy: GDP third quarter (Eurozone, Germany, France, Italy, Spain), Personal income and expenses (Us)

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