2020 Election Polls Live: Recent Controversy as Pitani Trump Follows in Georgia

2020 Election Polls Live: Recent Controversy as Pitani Trump Follows in Georgia
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden

CNN reports that Democratic candidate Joe Biden has 64 percent or nearly two-thirds of the 75.5m registered voters who voted early in the US presidential election. Voted for Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, Mr Biden has a small lead in the red state of Georgia, where 50 per cent of voters say they support him, while 45 per cent support the president, according to a new Monmouth poll released on Wednesday.

Another study was conducted The Independent It gives Democrats a 14-point national lead over Mr Trump, and his own “Great American comeback” still seems unlikely.


Freedom The poll gives Biden a 14-point national lead

Former Vice President Trump has opened a 14-point national front, with just six days to go before the final vote, according to a new poll for the organ.

J.L. This is a three-point increase for the Democratic presidential candidate in a few weeks, compared to another version of the same poll conducted by Partners.

Fifty-five percent of the 844 voters surveyed on Oct. 26-28 said they would like to vote for Biden. Forty-one percent elected the president.

John de Bennett is here to break that data.

Joe Somerlot29 October 2020 10:09


Trump is five points behind in the red state of Georgia

Beach State last voted blue in 1992, with locals backing Bill Clinton – at least one fellow Southerner of Arkansas descent.

However, the Republicans of Georgia are determined to grit their teeth and get off the ship.

Here Senator Kelly Lofler says incredibly, never heard of Access Hollywood Tape, in which the president gave his awkward “p ****” interview to Billy Bush.

Joe Somerlot29 October 2020 09:56


Biden is supported by two-thirds of the people who have already cast their ballots

CNN reports that Democratic nominee Joe Biden has 64 percent or nearly two-thirds of the registered voters who voted early in the U.S. presidential election, compared to just 33 percent who said they voted for Donald Trump.

Among voters, 54 percent said they support CNN and 42 percent choose Trump.

Since announcing its candidacy in April 2019, the Democrats have been leading in every poll held in the network, and have had statistically significant gains in every credible national poll since the spring.

Joe Somerlot29 October 2020 09:44


Hello and welcome The Independent Information on the latest 2020 US election vote.

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