Where to buy Nvidia’s RTX 3070 graphics card

Where to buy Nvidia's RTX 3070 graphics card

If you want to buy the 9 499 RTX 3070, Nvidia tells us that you can do it on the 9AM ET / 6AM PT starting Thursday, October 29th. Instead of Nvidia selling its Founders Edition (FE) GPU directly through its online store, it has left its shares Buy the best And Micro Center. Unless your hunt for GPUs is limited to the FE version, many third-party graphics cards made by OEMs such as Gigabyte and PNY will be on sale simultaneously from some other retailers Amazon, Newk, And P&H Photography, in addition to Best Buy and Micro Center. Based on past launches, these will probably sell out Much Quickly.

Compared to the RTX 3080 and 3090 with 4K capability, this card is a good choice if you have a 1440B gaming monitor or are looking to get one soon. My colleague Tom Warren posted a review of the 3070, and it puts positive frame rates on popular games. Control, Call of Duty: Warson, And many more – even if radiation-tracking features are enabled. In most cases, the $ 499 card offered faster performance than the RTX 2080, which was introduced for 99,699 a few years ago.

We will update this post if more major retailers join the RTX3070 sale.

Speaking of fast performance, AMD has introduced its expected GPUs built into the RTNA2 framework, and three new GPUs aimed at picking up RTX 30-Series cards. The T579 Radeon RX6800 looks great for 1440p gaming like the RTX3070, and the $ 649 RX6800XT might be a good alternative if you prefer the RTX3080. Both will go on sale on November 18th, while the 99 999 RX6900XD is ready and the RTX3090 will be available on December 8th. We have more details.

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